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We hope you are now in a position to see that your investment in Maid2Clean is not only a sound one, it's the best on the market. For your interest, we have printed the most commonly asked questions by franchisees to date.

Is your franchise based on any franchise standard like the British Franchise Association?

We have developed our franchise based on the European code of Ethics for Franchising and the British Franchise Association Code of Ethical Conduct and are committed to these standards.

Are you members of any other professional bodies?

Yes. Maid2Clean is a corporate member of the British Institute of Cleaning Services and the Chamber of British Enterprises, a member of the Federation of Small businesses and a proud member of the British Franchise Association.

Cleaning is not very high profile business activity is it? Why should I choose a domestic cleaning franchise?

Remember you are not doing the cleaning yourself. You are managing workers, clients, suppliers and customers like any other business. The main difference between this business and 95% of other businesses (or even franchises for that matter) is that this business builds a solid, on-going residual income. Sadly, 95% of other businesses and franchises operate on the ‘shop’ type methodology where they have to work just as hard the next month to earn what they earned last month. With Maid2Clean your efforts of this month are added to your last month’s income as your revenue ‘snowballs’ each month.

How much will it cost me to become a Maid2Clean franchisee?

Please contact head office for this information.

Is there really a big demand for this service?

The demand for this service always out-strips supply and this trend is forecasted to continue indefinitely.

How profitable is this business?

The Maid2Clean operation is incredibly profitable in comparison to cleaning businesses or other businesses of this type. You should be prepared to make a small profit in year one (most companies don’t even break-even). You will be shown how to operate this business competently during your training period and this is covered in great detail in our operations manual.

Where does Maid2Clean see itself in the future?

Maid2Clean sees itself as being the leading domestic services franchisor in the UK by 2015 and Europe by 2020.

What type of person can become a Maid2Clean franchisee?

Individuals or couples that are self-starters and motivated enough into growing their own business and future financial security are ideal Maid2Clean franchisees. They should be ready to be committed to working the Maid2Clean® proven business plan and their hard work will soon be rewarded.

How do we agree an exclusive Maid2Clean trading area?

We have a number of selected trading territories containing ABC1 class houses available. These will be discussed with you when you visit our head-office.

How detailed is the operations manual? Can I see it?

The Operations Manual goes into great detail (350+ pages) regarding the running of a Maid2Clean franchise. You are welcome to see the manual when you visit our head office

What running costs will be involved?

All the running costs of the franchise are covered in the franchise prospectus. If you have any pressing questions, please call us.

How much training is needed? How often will I receive training?

This very much depends on the individual concerned. The 3-5 days training is offered in the first instance alongside refresher courses during the year. You will be given as much training as you need to become competent and confident in running your own operation.

What training will the Maid2Clean franchise provide?

When your contract is returned and payment cleared, the franchise welcome pack and operational manual etc. is issued to you in advance of the training. The business training is in four parts namely:

1. Pre-reading of the operations manual and completion of the 27 pre-launch to dos.
2. Attendance at head office for operations training (Cheshire). (full stop) The 'hands-on' head office training covers development of your business plan, worker advertising, targeting of clients, obtaining clients, closing clients, managing client and worker database, actual interviewing of workers, managing your accounts, general billing, expediting, filing and administration. Refresher courses are available to all franchisees and based on a one-days training and you can attend as many of these as you wish.
3. Visit to operations director for system training (Nuneaton). (full stop)
4. Visit to your home from franchisor giving our full undivided attention

What will I need to do?

This depends on the franchise package that you select. Look at the diagram below to get a better understanding of the work required.

What happens if I delay in deciding my future?

Well Maid2Clean's success will not wait as the momentum is too strong. 100+ franchisees have proved this already. If you delay too long in making a decision regarding your future with Maid2Clean your territory will become betrothed to another and lost forever. Now is your time. Take action.

What type of Franchisees are Maid2Clean looking for?

We are looking for either individuals, married couples or civil partnerships to become franchisees. You must want to work smarter not harder and build your own business. You will possess passion, tenacity and have a fire in the belly desire to succeed. As a Maid2Clean franchisee you will join the premier domestic cleaning company in the country. Come and see the operation for yourself. Please ask whether a territory is available before you come to see us.

We will ask you to complete a personal profile document where you will share your skills and attributes with us. This is an informal meeting. You will not be asked to sign anything on the day except a standard non-disclosure document. Following our meeting you will then be given the chance to talk to franchisees before we mutually decide if Maid2Clean is for you.

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"Maid2Clean is without doubt the best decision I have ever made in my life and I would like to thank Elaine for giving me this fantastic opportunity and helping me along every step of the way"

"After 8 months, I now have almost 100 clients and revenue around £3000 per month. Every month grows by around 20%. There's plenty ups and downs of course but there's a great team of franchisees who meet at the conferences and freely share their experiences with each other whenever possible."

"Maid2Clean have been instrumentally committed to helping me succeed"

"Our franchisees get out of bed in the morning and live with a sense of self-worth because their Maid2Clean business is creating a secure future for them and their families."

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